|About us|

The Go Feminist committee

Go Feminist is a group of women working voluntarily to organise events and campaign actions which inspire feminist activism and share ideas for creating change.

Adunni Adams
Chitra Nagarajan
Ilse Morgensen
Kate Rowley
Lola Okolosie
Mary Bonett
Sandhya Sharma
Shannon Harvey

Our mission

Through an annual conference and other events throughout the year, we aim to inspire feminist activism.

Why inclusion is important to us

Go Feminist recognises that we live in a world of interlocking hierarchies and oppressions. It is part of our feminist mission to dismantle this. As a result we seek to actively work to combat:

- Ableism
- Ageism
- Class privilege
- Heteronormativity and homophobia
- Racism
- Sexism
- Transphobia

And all other forms of discrimination and prejudice.

Inspiring feminist activism

As part of our aim to inspire feminist activism, Go Feminist publicises the activities of other feminist organisations and groups through our website, facebook and twitter. However not all views and opinions or policies expressed by members of those groups necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Go Feminist.